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Why Choose Us?

British and European patent services are best entrusted in the UK with a Chartered British and European Patent Attorney associated with a regulated patent practice and listed on the register of patent attorneys maintained by the UK regulator, IPREG, and the list of representatives of the European Patent Office.

Yet there are a large variety of patent practices with patent attorneys satisfying these conditions. 


So what differentiating factors are relevant in terms of choosing the right firm?

Experience and appropriate technical background, and dogged determination in the case of opposition work, characterising the specific patent attorney undertaking each and every work product are crucially important.

Despite this, even the most reputable patent practices include a wide spectrum of patent attorneys having vastly different experience and credentials. This is easily identifiable when looking at prosecution histories of European cases as part of opposition work.

We are committed to excellence and consistency in serving predominantly large corporate clients such as in respect of opposition work in the field of medical devices, generally allocated to only the most competent patent attorneys in the profession. Our success hinges upon our continued provision of excellent service to our clients.

Times are changing in the patent services sector and services are becoming progressively more open, competitive and distributed. As a lean services provider, we keep costs and overheads to a minimum. 


These cost savings are passed on to our clients.

Finally, we are dynamic, transparent and can offer an entirely bespoke service to each client, being unrestrained by specific firm-wide practices or procedures.

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