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Somerville Associates is a regulated British and European Patent Attorney firm set up with the objective: provision of excellence in respect of British and European patent services without the costs and overheads associated with traditional practices. 


Our focus is on providing high quality and consistent attorney time in exchange for what is billed to our clients rather than excessive charging for mainly administrative tasks.


Therefore a high proportion of every Pound, Euro or Dollar billed to the client is converted into an optimal work product and furthering the business interests of the client.


The extent of variation between competence of British and European patent attorneys is not always fully appreciated, notwithstanding sub-optimal prosecution in European jurisdictions having severe post-grant validity and enforceability consequences. For example, otherwise valuable European patents are regularly revoked during the EPO opposition procedure owing to failures in the prosecution between filing and grant.


With extensive prosecution and post-grant opposition experience in the electromechanical fields for corporate clients, we take pride in providing robust prosecution leading to valuable and enforceable patents in the UK and Europe.


We are experienced at assessing and defending or challenging the post-grant validity of European patents belonging to clients and competitors.


We can provide patent landscaping and competitor monitoring services using our in-house bespoke EPO data mining software interfacing with the EPO patent register.

We can be contacted in respect of any general enquiries using the e-mail address below or the form in the contact section of this website. You can also contact us individually using the e-mail buttons in the team section. 

Somerville Associates is located at the Dunston Innovation Centre, Chesterfield.

Somerville Associates

Dunston Innovation Centre

Dunston Road


S41 8NG

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Somerville Associates - British and European Patent Attorney

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